Americ Confined Space Ventilators

Often imitated. Never duplicated.


Why take the chance with “less than the best”, when lives are on the line?

Americ® confined space ventilators are the industry standard when it comes to providing safe and reliable ventilation in any confined space working environment. These blowers are rugged and reliable while providing unrivaled performance to ensure a safe, comfortable and controlled environment in the most extreme areas.

The Americ VAF series portable ventilators come with a warranty that surpasses any guarantee in the industry. We promises to repair or replace any part of a VAF series unit that proves to be defective in workmanship or materials for a period of three years from the date of purchase.

Motors Built to Last
Rated at 100,000+ continuous duty hours, our custom built motors are designed to perform in the harshest of environments. Americ ventilators have totally enclosed motors that eliminate the possibility of debris buildup on the copper windings, thereby maintaining performance and increasing life expectancy. Whether you’re evacuating dust or just exchanging stale air, our thermally protected motors can meet the challenge.

Dual Wall Design
Manufactured of high density polyethylene, our dual wall shell design allows the exterior wall to absorb external damage without disturbing internal mechanisms or airflow. Metal ventilators are not only heavy, but the can also dent easily. Large dents can not only create rust spots, they can interfere with the rotation of the fan blade resulting in costly repairs. With VAF-Series ventilators, maintenance costs are virtually eliminated.

Safety & Testing
Third party testing is used to ensure overall product safety. Our products are listed with Underwriters Laboratories, one of the oldest and most prestigious testing organizations in the world. We also maintain CE compliance for our European customers.




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