High Efficiency Technology

Increase comfort, use less energy, watch the savings pile up.


Employee comfort and bottom line, two factors that play a huge role in the success of your business.



When your employees are in a comfortable, well-ventilated environment, they’re happier and more productive. That productivity can come at a high cost, however. With the average commercial kWh cost in the US at $0.11, and the average industrial cost at $0.08, running your ventilation systems can rack up, fast! That’s why Schaefer came up with the High Efficiency Fan series, designed to maximize your facility ventilation while minimizing operating costs with unmatched performance.

Drive down costs with high efficiency, state-of-the-art motors
Maximize energy efficiency  with variable speed controls
Seamlessly integrates with a 10-volt signal controller
Quick & easy installation – fans mount on existing or new fixtures
Hassle-free setup – fans are pre-wired to 120 volts
Peace of mind – 2-Year Product Warranty to protect your investment


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