Performance Testing Standards

Accurate and reliable product specification and performance data is one of several attributes that differentiates Schaefer products. Schaefer fans are tested in-house using certified and calibrated test equipment and test our most in-demand fans at the AMCA-certified BESS Lab at the University of Illinois.

Performance results obtained at BESS Lab are marked with BESS LAB and in-house performance results are marked with SCHAEFER.

Circulation fan performance is tested in accordance with ANSI/AMCA Standard 230-12. Performance tests yield a thrust measurement, measured in pounds force. ANSI/AMCA Standard 230-12 provides a formula for converting thrust to airflow rate (in cubic feet per minute) (Equation 9.6) which yields airflow rates approximately 29% lower than the formula in ANSI/AMCA Standard 230-99.

Published performance data is ANSI/AMCA Standard 230-99 unless otherwise noted.

We recommends using thrust measurements to compare the performance of different manufacturers’ circulation fans of the same diameter and to use caution when comparing airflow rates.

BESS Lab, University of Illinois

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