Construction Tool and Equipment Rental

Fans, ventilators and evaporative coolers extend construction capabilities by cooling or heating the work environment and provide a safe and productive working environment. Because construction projects vary greatly so does the need for ventilation. If your job site doesn’t have permanent heating/cooling we have a variety of products that can be used on construction sites.

Creating productive work environments to extend construction capabilities

For temporary needs on construction sites or seasonal heat, portable mobile drum fans are ideal to move air. Durable and portable, the fans can be used to help create healthy and productive work environments in any location.

Add to the success of any event or project

Ensure your special event includes the best in atmosphere and comfort. Tent cooling equipment, including evaporative coolers, tent fans and other portable fans, help guests remain cool in summer. Heater rental, including propane floor and patio heaters, help keep guests warm on cold days.

Durable products designed for easy transportation, storage, and return on investment

Schaefer provides heating and cooling solutions to the special event and tool rental market. Renting Schaefer products keeps guests, customers and employees comfortable and stress free, and adds to the success of any event or project.

Schaefer products provide a wide range of solutions for the rental industry.

  • Versa-Kool® tent pole mounted, pedestal, drum, and tiltable fans
  • VersaFog® high pressure misting fans
  • VersaMist® low pressure misting fan with cooler and carts
  • WayCool® and Pro-Kool® evaporative coolers
  • Twister™ oscillating circulation fans
  • HotZone® radiant heaters
  • Zubri™ portable propane patio heaters
  • Tuff & Gusty™ imported economy fans

High quality materials, low operating costs, and extreme durability make Schaefer solutions an excellent choice for increasing your rate of return.

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