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WayCool® and Pro-Kool® Portable Evaporative Coolers

How does evaporative cooling work?
Evaporative cooling is the same process your body uses to cool itself. When you perspire, and air moves across your skin, a portion of the perspiration (water) evaporates. Evaporation requires heat to change liquid water-to-water vapor and this heat is taken from your skin, producing the cooling effect. In an evaporative cooler, the cellulose cooling pads take the place of your skin, water instead of perspiration wets them and a fan moves the air. The air is drawn through the cooling pads and evaporates moisture. Heat is removed from the air, as it is drawn through the wet pads, dropping the air temperature and producing the cooling effect. The cooled air is then forced through a building or space and displaces the warm air out building openings, cooling the surroundings. In addition, air velocity increases the cooling effect as it moves over the skin or people in the airflow path.

Why use evaporative coolers in your workplace?
The WayCool/Pro-Kool evaporative coolers requires little space, has a low initial cost, is inexpensive and simple to operate and requires minimal scheduled maintenance. Due to the design and construction of the cooling pads, cooling efficiency is normally maintained near optimum throughout the lift of the pads. (Approx. two seasons) In many cases, evaporative coolers are a better solution than mechanical refrigeration systems because they are more economical to operate and maintain and do not use environmentally sensitive and costly refrigerants. Simply adding more units can accommodate larger areas. With proper sizing and application, a WayCool/Pro-Kool portable evaporative coolers can lower the effective air temperature by up to 20°. Even in high humidity, the efficiency of the WayCool/Pro-Kool evaporative cooler provides effective cooling.

Regular cleaning: The frequency with which the WayCool/Pro-Kool is cleaned will depend on the environment in which it is used. The WayCool/Pro-Kool evaporative cooler also acts as an air filter and removes dust and other particles from the air. This dirt collects on the cooling pads and lowers cooler efficiency. The more dirty the environment the more often it will need cleaning. In most cases the WayCool/Pro-Kool will need to be cleaned weekly. Operators manual is included when purchased. A dirty water supply will quickly reduce the unit’s performance and the unit will require more frequent cleaning to maintain cooling effectiveness. Always try to use a filtered, treated water supply.

Horizontal Air Flow Fans

What is HAF?
Small circulating fans operating continuously to create a gentle ‘racetrack’ air pattern in a greenhouse thus mixing the air mass. Other names for HAF fans are basket fans, stir fans, circulation fans, or mixing fans.

Why mix the air mass?
Air stratification practically eliminated. Corners of greenhouse are ‘scrubbed’ eliminating hot and cold spots. Condensation reduced. Carbon dioxide utilization improved. Humidity within the plant canopy is reduced.

How do we use them?
Place one VK12 every 50′ to 60′ feet and hang at gutter height. Place horizontally. No need to aim at crop or angle fans. Place two rows in each bay. One row going up. One row coming back. No need for complicated formulas.

Where do we use them?
All greenhouses large or small, whether naturally ventilated, mechanically ventilated, cooled, and or heated, will benefit from horizontal airflow. All plants whether flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees will benefit from horizontal airflow.

Why Schaefer fans?
Schaefer fans have a patented guard allowing for more airflow, with less restriction than typical ‘basket’ style fans. Schaefer fans are very quiet because they are smaller and less restrictive. The Schaefer 12″ has airflow of competitors 20″ fans. Schaefer fans use totally enclosed, maintenance free farm duty motors. Schaefer fans come with a solid mount. A solid mount is important to the air pattern. If fans are hung with chains they can twist and sway creating a disruptive uneven air circulation pattern.

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