Dairy Solutions
“We use Schaefer because they build a quality product, their service is second to none and they deliver product on time.” — Riverview Dairy LLP – Minnesota

“We have been using Schaefer for the past 10 years and continue to use them on our projects. They are a great company to work with and have a quality American made product that they stand behind.” — Pagel’s Ponderosa Dairy LLC – Wisconsin

“We use Schaefer because they have the expertise to help us properly ventilate our facilities and a quality product that they stand behind.” — Aurora Dairy – Colorado

Tent Fans
“We now have over 100 tent fans in our rental fleet! We choose Schaefer because the equipment matches our tents, it is built tough for rental abuse, and the service is top notch! The fans paid for themselves in 2 rentals and in the past two years have provided an impressive 2500% ROI!” — Skyline Tent Company, Charlottesville VA

WayCool Portable Evaporative Coolers
“Doing business in Alabama and having parties in blistering heat requires dependable, hardworking, and innovative products to cool people down. That is why we have a large inventory of WayCool portable evaporative coolers and 12″ Versa-Kool tent fans. They are very economical and have had a huge ROI for us. Roll Tide!” — Chris Strickland, Game Day Tents, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Portable Drum Fans
“I recently purchased Schaefer portable drum fan for our school district’s warehouse. Its performance exceeded our expectations, especially in light of the extraordinarily hot Dallas temperatures. I just wanted to acknowledge the fine craftsmanship and performance of this product and congratulate the workers on your manufacturing line.” — James Cason, Richardson ISD Purchasing Dept., Richardson, Texas

HAF Fans
“The Schaefer 8” and 12” variable speed Versa-Kool HAF fans have exceeded all of our expectations. They keep the temperature consistent. They are low maintenance. And the unexpected bonus is, they are quiet. We no longer need to turn fans off when classes are in the greenhouse. I would absolutely recommend Schaefer HAF fans.” — Joan Leonard, Program Manager, Arts & Sciences Plant Growth Facilities, Ohio State University

“I just wanted to compliment Schaefer on the quality of your HAF fans. The fans have been in operation in our propagation range with fog and have been running 24 hours a day for the last 13-14 years. I wished everything in our greenhouse lasted as long as a Schaefer fans.” — Danny Takao, Garden Bloomers Takao Nursery, Fresno, CA

“. . . the Zubri from Schaefer, not only does it provide reliable heat and style that my clients expect from our company, it’s the ease and quickness of installation and breakdown that also save time and money. The innovative boxed container that protects such a fine heater is the key. I would highly recommend to all rental companies to depend on Zubri heaters as I do.” — Charles Balcer, Loane Bros., Baltimore MD

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