Wet Wall Evaporative Cooling Systems

Schaefer Wet Wall Evaporative Cooling Systems use the natural cooling process of water evaporation in conjunction with Schaefer exhaust fans to provide up to 30°F of cooling for large volume buildings. Ideal for cooling animal confinement facilities,
greenhouses, warehouses, factories and other large facilities.

The snap together “no-leak” PVC system, including supply line, spray line and reservoir, is easy to install, operate and maintain. Water that does not evaporate is re-cycled through the pads, so no water is wasted. Comes with single- or multi-stage automatic controls and center-feed and end-feed water supply.

Features and Benefits:

  • Standard wet wall lengths: 10′ to 60′ in 5′ or 10′ increments
  • Standard wet wall heights: Single Stacked Systems 4′, 5′ and 6′ and Double Stacked Systems
  • 8′-12′ in 1′ increments
  • Custom lengths and heights available by special order
  • Uncoated/1-side coated and 2-side coated pads available in 4″ and 6″ pad thicknesses lasting up to 5-years with proper pad maintenance
  • Choice of or ¾ hp Gould™ pumps; 110V or 220V
  • Single- or multi-stage automatic controls available
  • Two year warranty
  • Made in the USA by Schaefer
  • Wet Wall Evaporative Cooling System Parts available

For more information on the Wet Wall Evaporative Cooling System contact the Customer Care Center at 1.800.779.3267.

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