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With nearly 70 years of industry experience, Schaefer is the leader in the design and manufacture of ventilation equipment for agricultural, industrial and commercial markets.

when lives are on the line, Trust schaefer

Americ® sets the industry standard when it comes to providing reliable ventilation in confined space working environments. Don’t take chances!

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wet Wall Systems by schaefer

Schaefer made wet walls Ideal for cooling animal confinement facilities, greenhouses, warehouses and factories. Made in the USA.

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Increase comfort, use less energy, watch the savings pile up. Employee comfort and bottom line, two factors that play a huge role in the success of your business.

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Ventilations systems for optimum greenhouse growing environment

Schaefer is built to handle greenhouse moisture exposure and regular cleanings while providing superior performance and increase durability.


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Whether you need ventilation for you manufacturing space or cooling fans for the rising temperatures in your barn, we have the solution.

Think Safety

Introducing New Schaefer Safety Yellow Fans

Since 1951 Schaefer has been known for manufacturing one-way fans and fans that are almost never returned. And now with this new family of safety fans, you’ll have a great addition to your fan portfolio.


We know our fans

Schaefer has established itself as a global manufacturer of unmatched, legendary ventilation solutions.

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Schaefer is proud to be an American company with our main production facility in the heart of Minnesota. Most Schaefer branded products are made or assembled in the United States with NAFTA and other globally sourced materials.

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