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It’s Time to Clear the Air

Treating air in motion is complex. Considerations include who is occupying the space, entering and leaving it, the filtration methods used, and what the recommended air volume is to be turned over. Our solutions were designed by industry leaders in industrial clean air, infectious disease protocol, mechanical engineering, and global leaders in UVC germicidal light at Signify who came together to ensure that our scientific approach to filtration eradicates risk at the microscopic level, returning 99.99% safe, clean air back into the space.

Our solutions

1. Designed Filtration

Use the design of high disinfection rates (LOG1) achieved with UVC, combined with 99.99% filtration efficiency at 0.3 microns with scan-tested HEPA allowing us to effectively reach 99.99% LOG 4 reduction on the first pass through the purification unit.

2. UVC Kill Chamber

Our units contain a UVC “kill chamber” designed effectively to achieve LOG 1 reduction Most UVGI air purifiers do not provide sufficient time and/or enough UVC dosage to be effective.

3. Medical Grade True HEPA Filters

Our units only use scan-tested, true HEPA filters as the final filtrations stage. There are a lot of “HEPA-like” named filters out there, but they are not tested to the standards necessary to achieve actual HEPA certification. Being scan-tested improves the efficiency of a true HEPA filter. We ensure the filter is not susceptible to bypass, meaning air will naturally go around the filter due to leaks caused by poor design or fabrication. Our approach eliminates that risk.

4. Higher Turnover Rate

Our units deliver a significantly higher turnover rate of air (ACH) with higher CFM. We work with your facility experts to determine the appropriate type of system and placement of said system to address high traffic zones and achieve target air changes per hour.

5. Closed Loop Purification System

To date, we are the only vendor globally to create a completely closed loop, central air purification system that can be (independently of the HVAC system) ducted into buildings and office spaces. Our approach allows for fast and cost effective retrofits that do not impact the building system.


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