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Bigger is Better

Air in motion is challenging to disinfect, mostly because of the speed at which it moves. With at best milliseconds, neutralizing and irradiating viruses and other biological particulate (molds, spores, fungi, etc.) via UVC is extremely effective. However, the “kill” chamber size needed to increase, and air speed needed to lessen so we could increase UVC exposure to get a higher kill rate. It is because of this that our systems are larger in size.

Successful irradiation relies on proper dosage of UVC and the appropriate time of exposure to achieve LOG 1. Infection control is also additive—layering steps improves effectiveness. It is then imperative to pair UVC with scan-tested HEPA to reach the equivalent 99.99% reduction rate of LOG 4. Our innovation focused on achieving first-pass kill.

Seamless Integration
Superior design

Built to Blend In

Not only are our units exceptionally well designed, they were built to integrate seamlessly and quietly into your space.

  • Powerful and quiet.
  • Fit elegantly into your space
  • Provide significant airflow
  • Can add to your layered infection protocols
  • Can help reduce employee sick time by creating a healthier work environment.
Air Purification Systems

How Defender by Schaefer Works

Our products put quality back into air quality. The Defender by Schaefer provides clean air solutions where we gather, with filtration solutions for large and small applications.

at a glance

Filtration and Purification

Our units have either 3 or 4 stages of filtration, depending on the size of the unit. Both designs stay tru to our scientific and engineered approach to filtration and purification.



Portables: MRP600, P300

  1. MERV 6 carbon impregnated filter removed unwanted odors
  2. UVC destroys harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses that make people sick
  3. True HEPA filter eliminates biological, airborne pathogens (virus)



Centralized/Stand Alone:
AV1000, TC1200

  1. MERV 6 carbon impregnated filter removes unwanted odors
  2. MERV 8 captures particulates
  3. UVC destroys harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses that make people sick
  4. True HEPA filter eliminates biological, airborne pathogens (virus)
understanding filters

What does HEPA stand for?

“HEPA” stands for “high-efficiency particulate air” (filter). To be labeled a True HEPA filter, it must be able to trap 99.97 percent of particles
that are 0.3 microns.

Why 0.3 microns?

The micron size 0.3 is referred to by scientists as the MPPS, or the most penetrating particle size.
Particles of that size are particularly difficult for air purifiers to filter out.

Specially designed

UVC Maximized

Care has been taken in the design of our “kill chamber” to create the most effective environment conducive to the use of the UVC germicidal light.

Designed with Signify, the UVC kill chamber not only has the appropriate amount of UVC lamps and wattage for the proper dosage to be effective, but also uses reflective inner surfaces to destroy viruses within the chamber. Our chamber use highly reflective material in order to achieve minimum 80% efficient surface reflectance levels. The appropriate number of UVC lamps are equally spaced in order to achieve maximum surface coverage, and a minimum of five reflective surfaces within.


Putting the Quality Back in Air Quality

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